New builds

We pride ourselves in offering you a complete range of services – all the way from designing to installing the completed product.

  • Survey, design and consultation. We help find the best solution for your needs, be it a new build project or a refurbishment. We will visit you on-site, carry out measurements and provide you with detailed drawings for every order.
  • Fabrication. We manufacture every product ourselves, carry out quality checks and keep you informed with regular updates.
  • Installation. We arrange a date/time that is suitable for you, and send out our team of experienced engineers to carry out the work.

Restoration & Replication

If your building is listed or is of historical significance, then restoring its glazed steel structures may be the best option for you. On top of that, we have a replication service for replacing old structures with new up-to-date products that match modern standards, while maintaining their historical aesthetic and looks.

Just as with new builds, we will carry out extensive surveys and work closely with your architects in order to give you the best quality restored or replicated products.